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"Computers, telephones, radio and satellites are technologies of freedom."
Ithiel de Sola Pool 

imagine secundară The ALMA-RO Association was founded in August 2001, as an initiative of a group of experts in public administration, sustainable development and conflict resolution. Objectives: promoting sustainable development; increasing involvement in the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of public politicies.
imagine secundară Mission statement: To integrate the environmental perspective in the development of Romania civil society through information, action, educational activieties, and cooperations on national and international level.  [more]
imagine secundară Clubul Ecologic “Transilvania” (CET) was founded in 1992 and is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with the mission of supporting the sustainable development of the Cluj area, including the Somes Valley and the Apuseni Mountains, and the eco-civic education of the population of this region.  [more]
imagine secundară The Coalition for Environment was founded during the Environmental NGO Forum in 2009. The goal of the coalition is to contribute to the sustainable development of Romania and to involve civil society.  [more]
imagine secundară Focus Eco Center is an environmental ngo promoting the priciples of sustainable development. It was founded in 1994, currently member of Eco Counselling Europe, EEBi (European Environmental Bureau) and ECEAT (European Centre for Eco Agro Tourism).
imagine secundară Greendex is an independent environmental portal from Transilvania.
imagine secundară RAC-RO's mission is to reduce the impact of human activities on the climate and to mitigate climate change.
imagine secundară The website of the campaign to save the town of Rosia Montana from being turned into Europe's largest open cast cyanide gold mine. The website is maintained by activists who support of the work of the 'Alburnus Maior' NGO.  [more]
The “Coalition for a Cyanide Free Romania” is a civil society initiative that was formed to support a legislative proposal to ban cyanide in mining in Romania. Its concerns are based on social, economic and environmental grounds.  [more]
imagine secundară The Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) aims to conserve and study the wild bird species, their habitats and sites in Romania, increasing population’s awareness regarding environmental sustainability, working for the protection of biodiversity and bird fauna.  [more]
imagine secundară The SFTeam working group is an NGO group for monitoring of Structural Funds. The public participation is a key component of increasing the quality of programming documents and ensuring their acceptance by the citizens. Environmental NGOs can contribute to the process by providing support such as additional expertise, on the ground knowledge, networking and other.  [more]
imagine secundară Terra Mileniul III’s mission is to develop ecological programmes in order to raise public awareness regarding the effects of climate change and to promote programmes for sustainable development at national, regional and global level.  [more]
imagine secundară A contest for middle school students to raise awareness on global warming.  [more]