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"Computers, telephones, radio and satellites are technologies of freedom."
Ithiel de Sola Pool 

imagine secundară Global Information Society Watch is an annual report co-produced by the APC network and partners, which looks at the progress being made in creating an inclusive information society worldwide (particularly in implementing WSIS goals), encourages critical debate and strengthens networking and advocacy for a just, inclusive information society. GISWatch 2010 will focus on ICTs and environmental sustainability and will be launched before the end of the year. Strawberrynet contributed with the Romanian Country Report and the Europe Regional Report.  [more]
imagine secundară The Global Information Society Watch report focuses on information and communications technologies and how they are being implemented in different countries across the world. The purpose of the report is to stimulate a collaborate approach to policy advocacy, and to create a common platform where disparate experiences can be shared. Ultimately, GISWatch hopes to impact on policy development processes in countries, regions, and at a global level.

GISWatch takes a different thematic focus each year. The report for 2009 focuses on access to online information and knowledge – advancing human rights and democracy. Strawberrynet contributed with the Romanian Country Report.  [more]
As a network promoting local community sustainable development, promoting the development and use of ICTs has been always closely linked with issues related to environmental sustainability. In 2008 APC members started a new APC-wide GreeningIT initiative that aims to address two critical challenges:

* How do national ICT policy environments address ICTs, environmental sustainability and climate change?

* How can ICTs be used more sustainably by ICTD practitioners, civil society organisations and service providers?

APC is undertaking action research, at national level, to address both of these questions, which aims to generate better understanding of the challenges facing us. Strawberrynet joined actively the GreeningIT APC research network.

StrawberryNet (Romania) is supporting other Romanian NGOs working on climate change issues by designing and hosting their websites for them and providing them with information management services. Most active amongst these NGOs are Terra Mileniul III and ALMA-RO. StrawberryNet hosts the website “Young Ambassadors against Climate Change” contest ( StrawberryNet also hosts the website of the Climate Action Network – Romania (  [more]
imagine secundară For the second cycle of the GISW, Hivos has joined APC and ITeM as a project partner. These three organisations consider GISW an opportunity to take the information society forward by monitoring the implementation of key international and regional agreements on the information society from a civil society perspective. The main theme for the 2008 GISW report was "access to infrastructure" and it was launched in December 2008 in Delhi, India, during the third Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Strawberrynet contributed with the Romanian Country Report.  [more]
imagine secundară This annual watchdog report from APC and the Third World Institute, launched in 2007, monitors commitments by governments and the United Nations on the information society. It is aimed at promoting the development of a healthy “institutional ecology” in the information and communication sector i.e. effective regulators, good policy processes, the participation of consumer groups, civil society, media and research institutions. Reports from more than twenty countries are included. Strawberrynet contributed with the Romanian Country Report.  [more]