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Sfântu Gheorghe
Tel: +40 788 350150
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"Computers, telephones, radio and satellites are technologies of freedom."
Ithiel de Sola Pool 

» Mission
The mission of Strawberrynet is to improve access to information, to strengthen the capacity to communicate, to raise the level of public participation of environmental and other benevolent NGOs in Romania by developing information communities and electronic communication tools and methods. We raise the impact and effectiveness of the NGOs that share our values.
Strawberrynet Values
  • respect for people and the environment
  • equality of chances
  • involvement
  • informational inclusion
Strawberrynet Vision
  • a society which respects people and the environment,
  • it is informationally inclusive,
  • having active citizens
  • with equal opportunities.
  • administration of communication services
  • ICT research and advocacy
  • promotion of campaigns, involvement and education
  • editing publications
  • organising conferences, workshops
  • cooperation with domestic and international NGOs with similar interests.